Envelopes for Transactional Mail
While electronics have replaced some business transaction envelopes, companies like utilities, insurance companies, financial institutions and so many others still rely on the mail to carry statements, billings, invoices, legal communications to their customers, and remittances in return. Response Envelope has the capability to provide the volumes of envelopes that these businesses rely on.


Envelopes for Direct Mail Marketing
have always been a specialty of Response Envelope. Our equipment base supports the manufacture of envelopes made from a great variety of paper stocks. Add multiple and interesting shaped windows and perforated panels with high-end lithographic or flexographic printing and you have envelopes that stand out in the mail and scream “Open Me”.

ecoEnvelopes are a product group of 2-way envelopes that integrate the out-going and return envelope into a single envelope. These envelopes are ideal for statement mailing, direct mail, marketing, fundraising, surveys, subscriptions, membership renewals and more. Unlike some other 2-way envelopes you may have seen, ecoEnvelopes are intuitive and easy to use. They are also simple to integrate into existing mailing systems and are DMM compliant and USPS approved. They are available in a Business Reply Envelope (BRE) or Courtesy Reply Envelope (CRE) in straight flap and v-flap versions in a variety of sizes. Please contact your Response Envelope sales representative or our customer service department for more information that will help you to decide if the ecoEnvelope is right for you.

A growing segment of our business has become point of purchase packaging for consumer products. Bring Response Envelope your packaging challenge and let us help solve it.